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EW-Photography Launches

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I know that I have neglected The Whole Earth Blog for a few months, but I hope to end the post draught soon! Until then, please check out my new website: EW-Photography. I have written a number of posts for this website about my interest in photography, and I want to take my photography to the next level. Part of this process is creating a separate website that focuses on the world of photography,  but The Whole Earth Blog will still be my outlet for everything non-photography related.

I appreciate everyone for following the The Whole Earth Blog for nearly four years and hope you will take some time to check out some of my other work.


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Buying a second camera…

Most of you know that I already own a very capable DSLR, but last week, at the Kevin Harvick Fan Club Gathering, I realized that the large Canon T1i could be a disadvantage.  The task became, what camera to get?  I wanted a camera that has high end features and takes photos like my DSLR, but can fit in my pocket.  Those familiar with photography know that the terms “point-and-shoot” and “awesome image” do not go together.  That is until now.

The Amazing Canon EOS Rebel T1i

Last year, Canon released the S90 which professional photographers hailed as a fantastic point and shoot.  A few months ago, Canon released the S90s predecessor, the S95.  The feature list is impressive – f/2 lens, manual mode, RAW format, 3,8x zoom, Digic 4 processor, HDR system, and many more.  The S95 is Canon’s top compact point and shoot camera and I knew I had to have it!

I decided on Friday that the S95 was the camera I wanted, but the closest one was in Gainesville, Virginia, a suburb of Washington D.C.  I went to Best Buy in Harrisonburg just to see what they had.  What I found was Canon’s SX210 IS.  I was impressed with the camera in the store and decided to make the purchase.  Wait, I wanted a S95, but bought a lower model??  I brought the camera home and put it aside to finish a paper due this week.  Once the battery had charged, I put the camera through its paces and realized I had made a huge mistake.  The camera’s auto focus was extremely slow and loud, the body was pretty bulky, and I still wanted the S95!

The Impressive Canon Powershot S95

I made a few phone calls and remembered a store in Harrisonburg called Glen’s Everything Store.  Dr. Lanier, a fellow photography enthusiast and professor of my HIST 592 course, told me about this store.  Now, this store is mostly a seasonal store and is over decorated for Halloween at the moment, but they are a retailer of Canon cameras.  I called them and they HAD THE S90!!  I returned the SX210 to Best Buy and spent the extra $100 for the S95.

I do not regret making either purchase.  The SX210 IS made me realize I would settle for no less than the S95.  The S95 itself is a great camera and I see myself using it for many years to come.  Its first test may come this weekend should we, some grad students and myself, go to Jon Stewart’s Rally to Restore Sanity in Washington D.C.  I have, however, used the camera around the apartment and outside.  I am impressed with its quality and the manual features.  It also does not hurt that it is a good looking camera as well!!

The Crystal Clear 3 inch display on the S95

So, moral of the story is stick with your instincts, they are never wrong!!  Oh, and buy the Canon S95!!

I promise I will describe my HIST 592, Material Culture, course as soon as I get a chance!  Until then…


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