Readers of The Whole Earth Blog know that I have written a number of posts about the causes I support. I have always featured the logos of each on the home page, but I thought it would be better to give them a dedicated page so that I could post more than just the logo and a link to the official website for each. The following causes are groups that I continue to support and encourage my readers to support as well.


Art Feeds is an organization based in Joplin, Missouri that brings art to the students of the Joplin school system and to groups of kids in Ghana. Following the May 22, 2011 tornado, Art Feeds become even more important to the children who were effected. Art Feeds was featured on Joplin’s episode of ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and received a mobile art studio from the show. This has allowed the organization to expand its operations. Art Feeds currently supports 1,300 students in Joplin and 400 students in Ghana. Being from the Joplin area, I know one of the founders of Art Feeds and have supported them for several years.

Art Feeds has a variety of donation options. Individuals can sponsor a classroom of students for one week for $22, one month for $88, one class for the semester for $396, or an individual can sponsor one class for the entire school year for $792. That breaks down to roughly $1 per student per week! A very affordable way to help a great cause.

To support Art Feeds, you can visit their donation site or the Art Feeds Store. You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.


The American Diabetes Association is the leading fundraiser for diabetes research. Their website has sections dedicated to the basics of the disease, living with the disease, nutrition, exercise, and the latest news and research information. I know a number of people who live with diabetes, many of them family members. This charity is important to me, and I know how research can lead to improved treatment, and eventually, a cure.

There are a variety of donation options for The American Diabetes Association. Individuals can donate money, their time, and a wide variety of donating objects. The majority of the funds raised (73%) are paid out as research grants, advocacy, and services for people affected by diabetes.

To support The American Diabetes Association, you can visit their donation site. You can also follow them on their blog, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.


The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research was founded in 2000 by actor Michael J. Fox. Fox was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 1990. After leaving the TV series Spin City in 2000, Fox founded the Foundation with the goal of raising money for Parkinson’s research. Since its founding, the Michael J. Fox Foundation has raised over $200 million! The Foundation’s website contains information about the disease, and important information for those living with the disease, including the Trial Finder. The Trial Finder is a resource for those with Parkinson’s to find clinical trials that are funded by the Foundation.

Individuals can donate to the foundation by visiting the Foundation’s donation site and can join Team Fox to raise money in a variety of ways. Donations can be one time only or can be setup as reoccurring. The majority of the funds raised by the Foundation are distributed as grants to research institutions.

To support the Michael J. Fox Foundation, you can visit their donation site, Team Fox, or their shop. You can also follow the Michael J. Fox Foundation on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.


The Kevin Harvick Foundation was founded in 2010 by NASCAR driver Kevin Harvick. The foundation supports a number of children’s charities including Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Christmas for Kids, Las Vegas Camper Cabin at Victory Junction, North High School Wrestling Program, Kevin Harvick Athletic Scholarship, Chase Your Dreams Scholarships, and Kevin’s Krew.

Donations can be placed online or by mailing a donation to: Kevin Harvick Foundation – 703 Park Lawn Ct. – Kernersville, NC 27284.

To support the Kevin Harvick Foundation, visit their donation website. You can also follow the Foundation on Facebook and Twitter.


The SS United States Conservancy, in cooperation with the SS United States Redevelopment Project, is raising funds to save the SS Untied States from the scrapyard. The vessel is currently docked in Philadelphia and their funds to keep the ship docked at Pier 82 will run out in November 2012. The Conservancy’s website provides the full history of the SS United States‘ historic career, including its capture of the Blue Riband on its maiden voyage in 1952. The Redevelopment Project provides future plans with the SS United States as a mixed use attraction. A redeveloped SS United States would house a museum, a hotel, restaurants, and retail shopping. I have worked with the Conservancy for over a year and would like to see this ship preserved for future generations. As an American built vessel, the SS United States deserves another chance.

Donations can be made directly to the Conservancy through a series of membership levels. The Conservancy is also collecting stories and photographs from the public about their or a relative’s experience aboard the SS United States as part of its Legacy Project.

To support the SS United States Conservancy, visit their donation website. You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.


The Tiger Woods Foundation was founded by PGA golfer Tiger Woods in 1996 with the goal of raising money to give children the opportunity to learn and go to college. The Foundation supports the Tiger Woods Learning Center Summer Camp which works with kids to teach them about golf and provide educational opportunities. The Foundation also provides a number of scholarships for higher education.

Monetary donations are accepted and there are a number of volunteer and internship opportunities. In addition to public donations, Woods donates all his winnings from golf tournaments to the foundation. Tiger Woods is not without controversy, but his foundation is doing great work. I have been a fan of Tiger since I was a kid and have supported him through it all, and I support his efforts in giving back to the community.

Donate The Tiger Woods Foundation by visiting the donation website. You can also follow the Foundation on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. You can also download the Tiger Woods: My Swing app for iOS, with all proceeds going to support the Foundation.



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