Steve Jobs Bio to be Released in Paperback


Simon & Schuster announced that Walter Isaacson’s book Steve Jobs will (finally) be available in paperback on September 10. The publisher announced that the paperback version of the biography will include a new afterword from Isaacson and a new cover image.

The cover will feature a picture of a younger Jobs taken by Norman Seeff. The original cover image, taken by Albert Watson, was taken later in Jobs’ life, but has a similar pose. When the paperback is released in September, it will have been nearly two years since the hardback was released, an unusually long period of time between releases. The hardcover version of Steve Jobs has been a best seller, and the paperback is expected to sell well.

The Original Cover

The Original Cover

Isaacson has suggested he may make some changes to the book by adding more information and cleaning up some of the repetition. The new afterword is the only new material we can expect at this point, but more information could be announced at a later date. I look forward to comparing the paperback edition to the hardcover edition.


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