Vote to Save Your Favorite Monopoly Token

Save One

Save One

The tokens included in the original Monopoly game are about to change. Well, at least one of them. Fans of the game are being asked to vote on Facebook for their favorite token. The token that receives the fewest votes will be “placed in jail” forever. Monopoly has been a popular board game for more 80 years and now comes in wide variety of editions. This vote will only effect the traditional game.

Choose one

Choose one

Voters are also asked to choose a new token from a selection of five all new tokens. The five tokens include a diamond ring, a cat, a helicopter, a robot or a guitar. The piece which receives the most votes will be added to the game.

As of today, the wheel barrow and iron are in danger of being removed so head over to Facebook to save your favorite token. You are allowed to vote once per day until voting ends on February 5. The new token will be unveiled on February 6.


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