Budweiser and Harvick Team-Up with Blippar App

Use the Blippar app to scan this image to begin the Blippar/Budweiser experience

The innovation of the smart phone and phone apps has brought about a variety of unique user experiences. Advertisers are taking advantage of these platforms in a variety of ways. Whether they advertise through apps, iAds, or QR codes, there are a number of ways for companies to get their products to the end user. When advertising meets the smartphone, users are given a unique experience.

Blippar, a smartphone app company based in the UK, has created a unique advertising experience for fans of NASCAR driver Kevin Harvick and Budweiser Racing. When you use the Blippar smartphone app on your iOS or Android device to scan the Budweiser logo or either images on this page, you will enter an exclusive world. As the video illustrates, Blippar uses augmented reality to deliver exclusive content.

Use the Blippar app to scan this image to begin the Blippar/Budweiser experience

Blippar has created a world filled with exclusive content from Budweiser and Richard Childress Racing. After scanning a Budweiser logo or banner, users are presented with a menu (pictured below) with a variety of options. Under “Experience the Bud 29,” users can access a 360 degree view of the Budweiser 29 car or view two exclusive videos from the RCR race shop. When “Away from the Track” is selected, three videos are presented. These videos show Kevin Harvick away from the track racing g0-karts and pulling pranks. The final option of having your picture taken with Harvick is like a number of apps that allows you to insert yourself into an image. Blippar gives users three different picture options – at the bar, at the track, and just hanging out.

Blippar has created a unique form of advertising that goes far beyond QR codes and banners. But Budweiser is not the only company taking advantage of Blippar’s creative advertising. Blippar experiences are also available for Cadbury, Heinz, Kit Kat, Dominos Pizza, Wrigley’s Gum, and several other companies. Blippar’s unique form of advertising may not be mainstream, but it is a unique way for users to interact with their favorite brands and for companies to interact with potential customers.

So, as Kevin Harvick hits the track today at Watkins Glen, grab a Bud, your smartphone, and the Blippar app to enjoy a unique Harvick experience.


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