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Most people have probably never heard of Ken Levine, but one look at his impressive resume and there is a good chance he has worked on one of your favorite television shows. Levine is a television writer, producer, and director. He, along with his writing partner David Isaacs, have an impressive resume. Their first writing job was with The Jefferson’s for which they wrote one episode. But the duo is better know for their writing for a number of hit series including M*A*S*H (and AfterMASH), The Simpsons, Wings, Cheers, Becker and Frasier. Levine has also received producer credits for AfterMASH, Cheers and Almost Perfect. His directing credits include Wings, Almost Perfect, Just Shoot Me!, Dharma & Greg, Everybody Loves Raymond and Becker. That is quite a resume!

Today, Levine leads writing seminars and calls the games for the Seattle Mariners on a part-time basis. In his spare time, he keeps a blog,…by Ken Levine. The blog was listed among the Top 25 blogs by Time Magazine in 2011. Levine uses his blog to give advice for beginning writers, share his experiences, and tell great behind the scenes stories from the shows. In addition, Levine gives his take on the newest television shows and movies. I really enjoy reading the blog on Friday’s when Levine answers questions from the comments section of his website. In addition to the blog, Levine has written two books Where the Hell Am I? Trips I Have Survived and The Me Generation… By Me: Growing Up in the ’60s. Levine’s blog is certainly worth a read, especially if you have an interest in classic television.


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