Upcoming Joplin Tornado Anniversary Events

On May 22, it will have been one year since the EF-5 tornado that killed 160 people struck Joplin, Missouri. The city is well on its way to recovery as businesses and homes continue to be rebuilt. Over the next several day, Joplin will honor those who died as a result of the storm and look forward to a bright future. The events are too numerous to list here, including a speech from the President at Joplin High School’s 2012 commencement ceremony on Monday. However, there is a website with all the relevant events and fundraisers running from today through the end of next week.

Over the past year, Joplin has been the recipient of the kindness of thousands of volunteers. Many of the events of the next week are to thank them as well. I went home to Joplin in December and was struck by the destruction, but what struck me most was the determination of the citizens of Joplin to rebuild and the outpouring of support the city has received. I wish I could be there for these upcoming events. May 22 will truly be “1 Day of Unity” in Joplin.

Visit Joplin Tornado Anniversary for a complete list of all upcoming events.


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