Titanic: 100 Years: Titanic Sinks

Newspapers quickly spread the news of the sinking

This post picks up the timeline of the sinking of the Titanic, one hundred years ago today (and early tomorrow, April 15).  Here is the timeline (in local time):

12:00 AM – Captain Edward J. Smith gives the orders to call for help over the raido

12:05 AM – Captain Smith order the lifeboats be prepared for the passengers, knowing full well there would not be enough for everyone aboard

12:25 AM – Lifeboats loading begins, women and children only

12:25 AMCarpathia responds to distress calls, but is 58 miles from the scene

12:45 AM – The first lifeboat is lowered from the ship

2:05 AM – The final lifeboat is lowered from the ship

2:17 AM – Last distress call is sent

2:20 AMTitanic splits between the third and fourth funnels and sinks

3:30 AMCarpathia‘s rockets are spotted by the survivors

Titnaic’s survivors reach the Carpathia

4:10 AM – First lifeboat reaches Carpathia

8:50 AMCarpathia leaves the area for New York City


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