SS United States Conservancy Announces Partnership and Inventory Initiative

A few weeks ago, the SS United States Redevelopment Project announced a partnership with New Canaan Advisors LLC. New Canaan has worked on large projects in the past including Grand Central Terminal in New York and the World Trade Center site. The expertise brought by this group is a welcome addition as the Redevelopment Project tries to determine what to do with the SS United States.

The same day, The SS United States Conservancy launched the first phases of their museum planning and inventory process. The inventory process is the most important at the moment because the Conservancy would like to rediscover the objects from the ship that were sold at auction in 1984. This is not an effort to recollect the items, but just to have an inventory of the SS United States‘ existing artwork, furnishings, and other artifacts. The Conservancy has created a survey for those who have these items. For a pdf version of the survey, please click here.  If you’d prefer to complete the survey online, click this link.

As always, I fully support the efforts of the SS United States Redevelopment Project and the SS United States Conservancy. These efforts are even more important as time is running out. The Conservancy only has fund to preserve the ship until August. Please donate to the Conservancy today. That being said, I would like to call on the Conservancy to be more open about its plans and finances. Those making donations deserve to know what is going on.

Keep up with the latest Conservancy news by visiting their website or by following them on Facebook and Twitter.


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