Back to the Future DeLorean Restoration

The group restoring the Back to the Future DeLorean have been posting images of the car to Facebook and Twitter. Some of the images are of the DeLorean used during the filming and of the car today. The so called “A” car is what has their interest, as it is the most complete. The project is being directed by BTTF writer Bob Gale. While the car looks fine, it is missing parts and other parts are beginning to fall off. The group plans to restore the car so it can be placed on display, but indoors this time.

Other images presented on the Facebook page are of a replica car built by the restoration team. The replica car shows the team’s attention to detail and is proof the group will do a great job at restoring the original car.

You can read more about the restoration in my original post or by following the restoration on Facebook or Twitter.

The gallery below has images of the “A” car and of the replica built by the restoration team. The video is the 2011 Nike ad featuring Christopher Lloyd and the replica Time Machine.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

UPDATE: A reader pointed out correctly that some of the images presented in the slideshow were of a replica Time Machine and not the “A” model from the series. I have made the necessary corrections.


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