Back to the Future Time Machine to be Restored

A group of restoration experts have gotten permission to carryout a museum quality restoration of the “A” model DeLorean Time Machine used in all three parts of Back to the Future. On the group’s Facebook page, there is a message from Bob Gale, the producer of the BTTF trilogy, encouraging anyone who has images of the car or parts from the car to contact them.

The “A” model DeLorean was one of several used for the series, but the “A” model was the most complete and used for external shots of the car. Since the filming of the series completed in the early 1990s, the car has been displayed outside in the elements and it has taken its toll on the car. The restoration team, consisting of Joe Walser, J. Ryan and Terry Matalas, have built other BTTF DeLorean replicas and they have the full support of the trilogy’s creators.

What they need is your help. If you have any pictures of the car from your trips to Universal Studios in Orlando, or if you have any of the original parts from the cars used in the movie, they would like to hear from you. You can contact the restoration group at

For all other interested fans of the trilogy, you can follow their progress on Facebook and Twitter.


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