Kevin and DeLana Harvick Expecting First Child

I was surprised, and perhaps a little disappointed, when Kevin and DeLana Harvick announced they were shutting down their race team, Kevin Harvick Inc., at the end of 2011. The rumors were circulating as to why the couple would make such a sudden decision. Some speculated that the couple were planning to start a family, and they were absolutely right. Yesterday, Kevin Harvick announced that his wife was 14 week pregnant, and their baby is due in July.

“There were a lot of factors that went into the KHI decision, but when your wife tells you she’s not starting a family unless you get out of the race team business, that’s a pretty big factor in things that are going on,” Harvick said. “You go through different phases of your life,” Harvick continued. “You sit down and do your estate planning and it’s just you and her. There’s nobody to carry on the things that we sat there and built. And how important are a bunch of race cars, 15 years down the road? Not really. It put a lot of things into perspective for us. We did a good job at running the race teams, we were competitive. And I think as you move down the road and I’m done driving, I think you can always fire that back up again.”

Part of Kevin’s decision to close KHI was to refocus on his career and driving the 29 Budweiser Chevrolet for Richard Childress Racing. With the stress of KHI out of thier lives, Kevin and DeLana can focus on being parents as well. Congratulations to them both!

For all the latest updates, you can follow Kevin and DeLana on Twitter. Or follow Kevin on Facebook.

UPDATE: DeLana is keeping a “Baby Blog.” You can follow the blog here.

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