2013 Ford Fusion Sprint Cup Series NASCAR Unveiled

Just a few weeks ago, Ford unveiled the 2013 Ford Fusion. The Fusion is the current namesake of Ford Racing in NASCAR and when the redesigned Fusion was unveiled in Detroit on January 9, the new NASCAR could not have been far behind. Today, Ford unveiled the 2013 Ford Fusion Sprint Cup NASCAR. Ford says the 2013 Fusion NASCAR is a return to a true “stock car,” meaning that the car looks like the road version. Currently, NASCAR mandates the shape of the car and the fans are bored with the lack of design, but for 2013, they are allowing the manufactures to incorporate designs that are unique to their individual brand. This is exciting for fans of NASCAR and remember when the cars did look different. Over the next several weeks, we will certainly see the new cars from Dodge, Toyota and Chevrolet.

Ford, being the first, gives us an idea what to expect for the Sprint Cup Series in 2013. The Fusion is unmistakably a Fusion in shape and graphics. The flared fenders, the body lines are all very stylish, but will likely be slightly modified before it hits the track in February 2013. Ford is still testing the car and NASCAR will have to approve all the designs prior to competition. However, this model must be fairly close if they are spending the time to unveil it at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

The fact that this is a concept is important to bare in mind, but if the car’s shape largely remains intact, and the other manufacturers take as much care with their design, the 2013 NASCAR season could be an important year for NASCAR and the auto manufacturers.

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Source: Ford


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  1. The Sprint Cup version of the Fusion looks gorgeous. Love the paint and design scheme. I also think the new Aston Martin’esque grille looks great on both the Nascar and regular version of the Fusion.


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