C7 Corvette Mule Caught in the Snow

We have finally caught a glimpse of the C7 Corvette testing in the snow. The heavily camouflaged mule was spotted by crafty spy photographers this week. While the car’s details are well hidden, there a are a few changes worth noting. The front wheels have been moved further forward, giving the car a longer wheelbase. The rear of the car appears to be higher and a bit longer. The quad exhaust has been modified with larger pipes and they have been placed closer together in the center of the car.

It is hard to tell from these pictures is, of course, if there are any changes under the hood. Rumors of a turbo-charged V6 have swirled for months. We also cannot see interior upgrades, possible suspension upgrades, or if the car is any narrower. Nevertheless, we can tell GM is already working on this car which is not expected to hit showroom floors until Fall 2013.

Another interesting twist in the C7 story is that the website jalopnik.com claimed to have seen a fully uncamouflaged C7 in November of last year. They used computer technology to put together what what they claim to be the C7 Corvette. They claim to have seen a C7 ZR1, and there is no evidence that this mule is the ZR1 trim, but there are some similarities between the drawing and the test mule. For starters, the longer wheelbase seems to match up, the more sweeping front end, the sweeping rear glass, and the mirror. I know it does not seem like much, but the mirror in the drawing matches the test mule’s. I personally believe, especially after seeing the test mule, that jalopnik.com is right, but we will have to wait for the 2013 Detroit Auto Show to find out.

Source: Autoblogjalopnik.com


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