Saab Owners/Supporters to Gather Tomorrow

As the future of Saab hangs in the balance, Saab owners and supporters are holding gatherings worldwide to support the car company. The gatherings, dubbed “We are many, we are Saab,” are being organized in part by the website Outside Saab. According to their website, they explain why they are meeting:

“As a result of the filing for bankruptcy a bunch of Saab enthusiasts joined forces in order to give off a very strong signal, Saab may be in problems as a brand, but for us Saab is very much alive and kicking. Remember a lot of people are in rough waters since the factory stopped producing. They need our support. Together with the people of Trollhättans Kommun the Saab Dealers and Saab specialists are the forgotten victims here.”

Meanwhile, Saab is still going through the trappings of bankruptcy and has announced that the Saab Museum will put up for sale. Should Saab cease to exist, it is even more important that this museum be saved. Saab has had a rich history in both the auto industry and the airplane industry.

I will continue to provide updates as they become available. Sadly, Saab’s official website has not been updated since the announcement of the bankruptcy. The best place to get news is the website SaabsUnited, who supports tomorrow’s gatherings.

I encourage everyone to find a Saab gathering tomorrow or Sunday. You can find a list of meeting places here.



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