Saab Update

I apologize for my lack of updates, but there has not been much of a change for Saab.

Saab is still going through the trappings of bankruptcy in Sweden. Meanwhile, the workers and supporters of Saab are working hard to save Saab. Perhaps one of the greatest websites to follow for all the latest news is SaabsUnited. They are preparing meetings and have the most up-to-date news.

In the news recently, however, Saab announced that it would begin building cars once again, but only to compete the 100 or so models left in the factory. In addition, Saab’s employees are still employed by Saab. There have been no layoffs.

On December 29, 2011, it was announced than an Indian auto company was interested in Saab. The company, Mahindra, is a familier name in the United States. They manufacture a variety of products including airplanes and lawn equipment. They recently announced that they were interested in producing cars for the US market, and Saab could be their ticket to do so. Again, though, it is unlikely General Motors will allow such a purchase to take place.

SaabsUnited has begun a campaign to save the Saab Museum in Sweden. The museum shutdown December 30 and is in desperate need of money to stay open. SaabsUnited explains that the museum may not be closed forever, but it is going to need a steady flow of donations to remain open. I believe that if Saab does, in fact, cease to exist following its bankruptcy, saving the museum is the most important thing to do. Although the museum is not the US, it is still very important to preserve the history of this car company otherwise it will be largely forgotten.

What is happening to Saab is tragic and I will continue to follow the news and update as the company begins bankruptcy proceedings. Hopefully something positive can come out of this sad situation for Saab and its employees.


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