Save Saab (Updated)

2011 Saab 9-3

The Swedish car maker Saab is in financial trouble, since they are no longer a part of General Motors, but now that potential investors have come forward, General Motors is resisting. The potential investors are Chinese and that appears to be the hang-up for the General. They are concerned that Saab will becoming a competitor to Buick and Chevrolet in China. Why be afraid of a little competition?

2011 Saab 9-4

Saab is nearing bankruptcy and is desperate. What is frustrating for Saab fans is that General Motors dropped Saab when it was downsizing a few years ago. Even more frustrating is that General Motors was in the same position a few years ago that Saab is in now, but they are refusing to budge.

2011 Saab 9-5

Come on General Motors. Give Saab a chance to live. It is your fault that Saab is in this position to begin with. Their current10. models are incredible, and it would be a shame to let Saab die.

UPDATE: 12/19: Today it was announced that Saab has filed for bankruptcy protection in Sweden. The automotive company ran out of money in April of this year and suspended operations. The company has been desperately seeking investors and found a few, but General Motors has blocked these deals. The future of Saab is certainly unknown because businesses do not always emerge from bankruptcy like General Motors and Chrysler did in 2009. Of course, they had government backing and Saab does not have that luxury.


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