A New Campus for Apple

Last week, Apple submitted final plans to the Cupertino City Council for the their new campus. In June, Steve Jobs presented the campus to the City Council. It was his final public appearance before his death in October.

The new campus has been described as a space ship because of its round design. What the architects have been able to do is create a four story round building with courtyard that will house up to 13,000 Apple employees. Apple has quickly out grown its current campus on Infinite Loop (which it will keep) and is currently renting office space elsewhere in Cupertino. The new campus will allow employees to be in one place.

Landscaping now (left) and in the future.

Apple purchased part of the land from HP a few years ago and has since purchased some of the adjacent property, giving Apple a total of 150 acres in the center of Cupertino. Apples plans for the landscaping of the property is astounding. They have hired an arborist from Stanford University to help them choose various plants and trees native to area. The completed campus will be 80% landcape as opposed to the current 20% landscape. The plan calls for a total of 6,000 trees, including apricot trees which were on the property prior to HPs purchase of the land in the 1960s. Apple will be able to accomplish this by placing the majority of the property underground.

The floor plan for one of the four levels of the main building.

The buildings on the campus will only make up 20% of the 150 acres and will consist of the four level “space ship,” a four level parking structure, an energy center (to provide power to the campus), an auditorium, a fitness center, and several research and development buildings. The center piece of these structures is the round main building which will be constructed primarily from glass. Apple is known for using glass in its retail stores, but this will be a new challenge as the glass will all be slightly curved to create the round design. In total, the  building will be approximately 3.1 million square feet. The plan calls for ground breaking in 2012 and completion in 2015.

From the street, the buildings will be barely visible.

Jobs described the campus as an architectural achievement and the drawing certainly suggest a level of genius in the design. Walter Isaacson’s biography of Jobs revealed that this campus was one of Jobs’ final projects at Apple and it is a fitting symbol of his and Apple’s attention to design and functionality.

You can view the full plans submitted to the City Council HERE.

Watch Steve Jobs present the new campus to the City Council:


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