Jay Leno’s Garage

I am a car guy and I love to learn about the cars of yesterday and today. My favorite television show is BBC’s Top Gear for its information and its wit. However, sometimes the presenters, Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond, fail to provide enough information about the car. Luckily, there are other places that review cars of today, such as the auto magazines, but there are not really any television shows that review the cars from the past and provide history.

For the past several years, Tonight Show host Jay Leno has provided a place for the ultimate car enthusiast to learn about cars. Jay Leno’s Garage is not only a website, but an actual garage where Leno’s car collection is housed in California. The website offers a great deal of information for car lovers such as car reviews (of cars young and old), book review, interviews, and much more. One thing that Leno offers that Top Gear does not is in depth information on each car, and often, interviews with the car’s designers or an auto company exectuive. This provides a well rounded review of the car coming from both the executives and Leno. He completes the majority of his reviews by attempting to get the car to do a burnout!

I high recommend Jay Leno’s Garage to anyone who is interested in cars. I find it difficult not to spend hours watching reviews of Leno’s 1965 Shelby GT 350 Mustang, his super car collection (pictured above), or his reviews of the newest Aston Martins (my favorite modern car company). Jay Leno’s Garage offers entertainment for all types of auto enthusiasts and should become a part of everyone’s bookmark collection.

Here is one of Leno’s reviews for example. In this video he reviews his McLaren F1.


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  1. T J

    I have a car that might interest you. 1957 Ford Grand National stock car which ran on the beach in 1958


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