Steve Jobs’ Rolling Stone Cover

Following his death, Steve Jobs has been featured on the cover of almost every imaginable magazine…Time, Fortune, Newsweek, even The New Yorker.  None of this would have mattered to Steve, however.  He had been on the cover of most of those magazines before.  This week though, Steve graces the cover of Rolling Stone.  The articles written by Jeff Goodell and Chrisann Brennan are well written and Goodell provides insight into the Steve he knew.

The real story is the fact that Steve made the cover of the Rolling Stone!  Every musicians dream is to be on the cover, just ask Dr. Hook.  But Steve was not a musician.  He changed the music industry and loved the publication.  Of all the magazines that have placed him on the cover over the past two weeks, the Rolling Stone is one that he would have been most proud of.  After all, his idols the Beetles and Bob Dylan have both appeared on the cover, and now they are now immortalized together, bound by the cover of the Rolling Stone.


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