Steve Jobs – by Walter Isaacson

Steve Jobs – the Book Jacket

A biography of note is set to be released October 24, simply titled Steve Jobs, the book is based on over forty interviews with Steve Jobs conducted by author Walter Isaacson.  In addition to interviewing Jobs, Isaacson also interviewed over 100 friends and family members.  The original release date of the book was May 2012, but that was bumped up to November 21, 2011 following Jobs’ resignation from Apple.  The release date was bumped up yet again when Steve passed away this week.  There are even rumors of an upcoming movie based on the book.  An upcoming Time article previewing the book reveals that Isaacson last spoke to Jobs only weeks before his death, and that the book was only recently completed.  It is listed as being 656 pages and is currently number 1 on Amazon and other book retailers.  It is also available on the iBooks Store and Kindle.

I have preordered the book and will write a review once I complete it.



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  1. James

    The author of the Jobs bio will be on 60 Minutes Sunday. That should be great.
    Also, the audio version will be released on Oct. 24th, as well as the book. Audiobook will be at Amazon, iTunes, and
    I love the idea, of listening on an iPhone. Something wonderful about that.
    Wish I could have met Jobs, but never did. At least I can meet him through his creations and hopefully with the new bio. He was such a GENIUS. I wish he could have had many more years.


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