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Steve Jobs Presentations

Steve and his wife after his presentation at WWDC 2011, his last.

One of Steve’s greatest talents was his presentation style.  His iconic St. Croix Mock Turtleneck, Levi 501 jeans, and New Balance 991 shoes graced the stage at 1 Infinite Loop many times.  He will be remembered on stage holding the devices we most wanted.  Here is a video collection of Steve introducing some of Apple’s most popular devices.

1984: The Macintosh

1997: Steve Jobs Return to Apple

1998: The iMac

2001: iTunes

2001: iPod

2007: iPhone

2010: iPad

2011: iCloud

One More Thing….

Steve was famous for ending his presentation with this phrase and introdicing yet another new product or a suprise feature.  Here is a collection of those “One More Things”:


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