Steve Jobs Interviews

I have always looked to Steve Jobs as a role model and have admired his innovation, business strategies and presentation style.  Over the next several days, I am going to be posing several articles, videos and images as a tribute the innovator of our time: Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was not one to give many interviews, but when he did they were always very open and honest.  Here is a collection of some of Steve’s greatest interviews.

1. This interview is from the mid 1990s.  It is short, but he discusses his memories of Apple and his roles at Pixar and NeXT.

2. Steve’s greatest speech.  His commencement address at Stanford University in 2005 came shortly after his first battle with cancer.  He offers sound advice and some new information about his life.

3. Steve appeared at the All Things Digital conferences often, but in 2007 the audience got a rare treat: Steve Jobs and Bill Gates on one stage.  Although they competed, their mutual respect for one another is obvious.

4. A rare television interview on MSNBC following the 2007 announcement of the iPhone.

5. Steve appeared at All Things Digital for the last time in 2010.  All topics were on the table including Google, Adobe, the infamous lost iPhone, etc.  There are other videos of Steve at the All Things Digital Conferences, you can view their Steve Jobs page, HERE.  (This vide is part 1 of 10, you can click the links at the end of the video to continue to part 2.)

6. This is not an interview, but it is the last time Steve appeared in public.  He appears before the Cupertino city council to present designs for Apple’s next campus.  It is a shame he will never walk through its doors.


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