Joplin Rebuilding

Three months after being hit by an EF-5 tornado, the city of Joplin continues to rebuild.  Businesses and homeowners alike are working to put their livelihood back together.  Some businesses have even completely rebuilt.  Yesterday, Walgreens on the corner of Rangeline and 20th Street reopened after being completely destroyed by the tornado.  The store had to be rebuilt completely from the foundation up, and after only 90 days, the store has reopened.

Meanwhile, Joplin’s kids have returned to normal when they went back to school last Wednesday.  Several of Joplin’s schools had to be repaired, students reshuffled between various buildings, and the Juniors and Seniors are attending class at a temporary location inside North Park Mall.  Joplin’s superintendant of schools C.J. Huff is being hailed as a hero for his quick thinking and ability to keep the school year on schedule.

The city of Joplin has come together to rebuild to move forward following the devastation.  The citizens continue to work together after three months of recovery, and there is still work to be done.


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