Reading List: Fall 2011

On Wednesday I posted the list of courses I am taking this Fall.  After looking over the list of textbooks, I was surprised to learn that there are so many this semester! The number of books required for this semester totals 25.  That is not including additional readings that will be assigned once the class begins.  For example, for HIST 600 it is likely we will be assigned books to report on to the class.  These are the books that I will have to purchase (for more information on each book, click on the title to be taken to the book’s Amazon page):

HIST 590 – Gender in Latin America – Indian Women of Early MexicoGender & Disorder in Early Modern SevilleInfamous DesireCase of Ugly SuitorChica Da SilvaLives of Women: New History of Inquisitional SpainWhat Is Gender History?Marriage, Class & Colour in 19th Century CubaTrading RolesFaces of HonorPeople of the VolcanoWomen Who Live Evil LivesMoon, Sun & WitchesLaboring Women, and Public Lives, Private Secrets

HIST 600 – Seminar in US History: Early Period – Roll, Jordan, RollLincoln, and Midwife’s Tale

HIST 700 – Thesis Research – NONE ASSIGNED

GHIST 101 World History to 1500 – AnalectsKoranBhagavad GitaWays of the World, Volume 1Trial & Death of Socrates: Four DialoguesEpic of Gilgamesh, and Inferno

Do not be fooled by HIST 700, however.  I have already read several books this summer for my Thesis and have many more primary source documents and secondary source books to go.  Once again I will have my work cut out for me!


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