Pottermore Beta

The new welcome screen after logging in to the Pottermore

In case you missed the news, 1,000,000 lucky fans will get to beta test the new Pottermore website before it goes live in October.  Those at Pottermore have created a unique game they call “7 books, 7 days, 7 chances.”   Now through August 6, there will be a trivia question placed on the homepage of Pottermore.  The first day’s question is from book 1, the second days question is from book 2, and so on.  The answer to the question is a number.  Once you have the answer, add the number to the end of a the web address quill.pottermore.com/…  The magic quill is usually hidden somewhere on the page (this morning it was Warner Brother’s website for Deathly Hallows, Part 2), click on it.  You will be taken back to Pottermore and allowed to register.

You have to be lucky to find the question, however.  They post it at a random time during the day, so check back often.  There are only a limited number of spots per day and once filled, you have to wait until the next day (remember this is WORLD WIDE, not just in the US and Europe).  When you register, you are given a username and sent a conformation email to activate your account.  This does not give you instant access to Potter, however.  Invitations will be sent out to those participating in the beta in groups beginning next week.

This morning, I was lucky enough to get in!!  I checked the website before I left for work (6 AM ET) and the question was available.  I went through the process of registering and received my email about an hour later (due to the high demand).  By the time I got to work, about 10 minutes later, the question was gone and they had filled their quota.  It seems that there is only a window of a half hour to get in.  Will it get easier as the week goes on?  I doubt it! There are still a lot of people who have missed out on their chance to enter.  The Harry Potter series has a huge following around the world, and that makes getting one of the spots very competitive.

I will provide updates here (I have added “Potter” as a category) as I go through the experience.  I look forward to trying it out in the near future!

To find out more about entering the beta version of Pottermore, visit the Pottermore Insider.  Good Luck!

UPDATE: The Magic Quill contest has ended.  All the entries have been filled.


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