One year ago today…

It was one year ago today that I began this blog.  The intent of the blog was to keep friends and family updated and informed about my move to Virginia from Missouri to begin graduate school.  Since then, however, it has become much more.  I began to expand the types of posts in September and since then the blog has really taken off.  Posting on a wide variety of topics, I have been averaging over 20 hits per day, and in the last year, the blog has been viewed more than 4,000 times!  The diverse topics have expanded from being about the classes I am taking, to sports, technology, and, my favoirte, the preservation of the SS United States.  I can honestly say that I have grown as a person over the past year and this blog reflects that.  I enjoy writing this blog and look forward to what the next year brings!



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2 responses to “One year ago today…

  1. Hey cool! I like the new layout. And our blogaversaries are only one day (and one year) apart! I started blogging on July 20, 2009. Cool! Miss seeing you buddy. Keep blogging, it’s a fantastic way to keep up!


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