SS United States’ Maiden Voyage

SS United States arrives in New York after breaking the Trans-Atlantic crossing record for both East and Westbound crossings!

Today marks t he 59th anniversary of the maiden voyage of the SS United States.  On July 3, 1952, the SS United States left New York for England with only one goal….beat the Queen Mary’s crossing record.  The SS United States crushed the Queen Mary‘s record, beating her by over 10 hours.  On the return voyage to New York, the SS United States broke the record yet again for Eastbound crossing, again set by the Queen Mary.  For the first time in 100 years, an American flag ship held the Blue Riband.  The Westbound record of the SS United States stands to this day!

Today the SS United States sits in Philadelphia, its fate unknown.  The SS United States Conservancy, however, is working to find a permanent home for the ship.  I am proud to be working for the Conservancy to save America’s flag ship.  Since May, I have been working to revitalize the Conservancy’s social media efforts.  You may join me by Liking the Facebook page and following the Conservancy on Twitter.


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  1. wolfram Jung

    this vessel stands for the whole united states.


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