Welcome to the new EMW-Historian

Since it has been a year since I began this blog, I felt it was time to update it to reflect its growing diversity.  I planned to use the blog to update friends and family on my progress in graduate school, but it has become so much more.  While I will still offer all my insight into graduate school, I will post about sports, cars, technology and whatever else I feel like writing about.  The site has been updated to reflect diversity, so how about a quick tour?!


Probably one of the more obvious changes is the name change (an updated URL will be added soon).  I chose EMW-Historian because it feels just as personal as the previous title.  The header offers more than just a picture of the Massanutten Mountains, however.  From the header you can access the new RSS feed, the Twitter page, the new Flickr page, and YouTube account.  All forms of social media related to the blog are now easily accessible from the new header.


One of the other major changes to the site is the layout.  The site now has two informational columns as opposed to one.  This allows me to separate the general blog information from the featured parts of the site.  Column 1 serves as the home for all the blog’s general information including the Search Box, Subscription, Archive, Categories, Tag Cloud and Blog Stats.  All the essential information about the blog and navigation tools are found in Column 1.


Column 2 serves as a place for specialized items.  Right now the column includes Joplin Tornado Information, Causes, Public History Series, and posts from Twitter.  This will the be the column that I will add items to if necessary.


Each post carries the same layout.  Title, Date and Author at the top, but there are new options at the bottom.  In addition to providing information about the post’s Category and Tags, the bottom of the page allows readers to share the post with friends in a variety of ways.  There are options to Email and print as well as the option to post to Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, StumbleUpon, and WordPress.  Readers may also rate each post (1-5 stars) and comment on the post by logging into WordPress, Twitter, Facebook or commenting as a guest.  This gives everyone ample opportunity to share posts and provide feedback to me.

I hope everyone has enjoyed reading this blog over the past year as much as I enjoyed writing it.  The new site allows family, friends and loyal readers to keep up with the latest posts from the site.  I look forward to the next year of EMW-Historian.


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