The End of Harry Potter

I watched the new trailer for the final Harry Potter movie this past week and it made me realize that Harry Potter will soon come to an end.  Everyday I have a list of websites I visit to keep up with various news sources and since 2002 one of those sites has been MuggleNet.  MuggleNet has been on the web since 1999 providing Harry Potter fans with the latest news, but most importantly giving fans a place to vent or share the excitement of a new book or movie being released.  When Harry Potter first debuted in the US, I did not pay too much attention to it, but my younger brother and a few of my cousins did.  After the release of the first movie, I was hooked (working for Scholastic for five years may have contributed to this!).  Since then, I have seen the movies in the theaters and bought the last two books at midnight.  After reading Deathly Hallows in 2007, I could not believe that the series was over.  But it really wasn’t.  There were still the movies.  When the final trailer was released last week, MuggleNet was one of the first to share the video, but in their post they mentioned that it was the last Harry Potter movie trailer EVER.  That really hit me.  I really thought July 15 was to be the end of Harry Potter, and I was not really prepared for that.  That was until last Thursday, when J. K. Rowling announced PotterMore. This Wednesday, Rowling will announce what Pottermore will actually be.  There are many speculations, but no one is exactly sure, but it has brought back the anticipation and excitement felt in the days leading up to the release of the books. Whatever Rowling has planned, it is sure to keep fans happy, even after the final movie is released.  I think that she has realized that she does not want Harry Potter to end, and I know all Happy Potter fans (and myself) agree.


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