Price Gouging in Joplin

I have heard from several people in Joplin that looking for a new car is nearly impossible.  Many of the second-hand dealers in the area have inflated their prices since they know how many people are desperate to buy a new vehicle to replace one lost in the tornado.  I have heard examples of 1997 model vehicles selling for $17,000.  What these dealers are doing is ILLEGAL and they should be reported.  The Missouri Attorney General has a hotline setup to report such businesses.  Also, as part of the disaster relief, the Attorney General’s office has sent investigators to Joplin to look for price gouging.

If you or someone you know is a victim of price gouging (on anything), or if you see it, REPORT IT!  These dealers are taking advantage of the citizens of Joplin and deserve whatever punishment is handed down to them.

To report a price gouger call 1-800-392-8222.


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