Courses: Spring 2011

I registered or classes back in November, but now I have my books and can give a brief descrption of each course.

HIST 593 – Historic Preservation…Mr. Darryl Nash

From the Graduate Catalog: “An introduction to the philosophy and technique of historic preservation. Course examines the Secretary of the Interior’s guidelines for restoration, state and national register forms and procedures, historic architecture, structural analysis, restoration techniques as well as the business aspects of historic preservation projects. Students undertake leadership assignments for architectural field assessments and national register nominations.”

BooksEveryday Architecture of Mid-Atlantic (By Dr. Lanier) and Twenty Buildings Every Architect Should Understand

HIST 673 – Graduate Research and Writing Seminar…Dr. Gabrielle Lanier

From the Graduate Catalog: “An intensive research and writing seminar focused on the process of conceptualizing, researching, writing and refining historical research papers grounded in primary sources. Emphasis will be on evaluation of sources, interpretation of evidence, refinement of presentation and development of professional standards of criticism. Required of all first year graduate students.”

BooksA Manual for Writers (We all know this book!!)

HIST 696 – Introduction to Public History…Dr. Gabrielle Lanier

From the Graduate Catalog: “An introduction to the varied and interdisciplinary “field” of public history – such as community/local history, historic preservation, archives, historical archaeology, museum studies, business and policy history, documentary editing and publishing, and documentary films – through readings, class discussions, occasional guest speakers, occasional field trips and an extended public history research project.”

Books: On Doing Local HistoryNew History in an Old MuseumThe Unfinished Bombing: Oklahoma City in American MemoryDomesticating History: The Political Origins of America’s House MuseumsPublic History: Essays from the Field, and Mickey Mouse History and Other Essays on American Memory

That is a total of nine books for the semester!  Not too bad.  I have also been given a different TA position for the semester and I will explain that in a post after I get back into the routine.  There is still some information I need to get about that.

Later this week, I will post a outline of my 2010.  It has been a life changing year!  Until then…



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