Reading List 1

Books have begun to arrive on my door step which means classes are not too far away.  I thought, while I had a spare moment, I would share my book list for this semester.  I plan on doing this for every semester.  Feel free to click the links and check the book out and buy it if you so desire!

I have 20 books for the semester.  Some you have heard of, but most you probably have not.  Thanks to the USPS, I have seven on my desk now and hope the rest arrive by August 10th.  I ordered them all from Amazon (saved $200!) and, before you ask, I am sure I got the right editions because JMU’s bookstore lists the ISBN of each book!!  I wish MSSU did that!  Anyway, here is the list:

HIST 592 (American Material Culture): Waste & WantRefinement of AmericaNew Urban LandscapeMaterial ChristianityChesapeake Family & Their Slaves

HIST 653 (Patterns of World History): Before European HegemonyImporting the European ArmyOld World EncountersPlagues & Peoples (with New Preface)Why Europe?World & Very Small Place in Africa

HIST 671 (Historical Research): Idea of HistoryProtestant Ethic & Spirit of CapitalismNew Cultural History

GHIST 102 (My TA Course): Death & King’s Horseman, Ways of the World, Vol 2 Brief Global History, Worlds of History (V2), Complete Persepolis, Robinson Crusoe, Discourse by Three Drunkards on Government

There you have it!  Sixteen weeks of reading. Sounds like a lot, but I will admit, some of the books are pretty thin and the longest one is about 370 pages.  I had longer books at MSSU, but I never had 20 for four courses!

If any of the titles interest you, I have provided a link to the page so you can get more info.  I will, however, give more information about the books when I discuss each course in a separate blog.

Until then…



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