Today I finally found out which class I will be TA for.  The course will be GHIST 102 World History Since 1500.  After doing some research, I know the course has six books assigned for it and that the department will provide these books (meaning I will save a few $$).  These six books, however, bring my total up to 20 for the semester!  This is what I expected from grad school, however!  There is one unresolved problem…I do not recognize the name of the professor and he/she (I was only given the last name) is not listed on the History Department‘s website.  I guess I will find out in due course.

Knowing which course I am TA for is a relief, but I thought I would share the other courses I am taking this semester.  They are:

1. HIST 592 – American Material Culture

2. HIST 653 – Patterns of World History (Historiography)

3. HIST 671 – Seminar in Historical Research Methods

I know they sound incredible and I plan to describe each course and give the book lists in later posts (once I find out exactly what they are!!).

I am looking forward to taking three courses and being a TA.  Grad school is going to be a completely different experience from undergraduate, but I think it will be more enjoyable.  I will be taking only history courses and surrounded by fellow history students!  I have been told by several of my professors at MSSU that graduate school was the best part of their education.

Also, I have ordered my books and they should be arriving soon!



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