Three Weeks

Welcome to my blog!!  I do not consider myself the blogging type, but many of you are interested in what I am doing and this is where you will find it all!  I will be discussing my travels and experience at JMU from my classes to my assistantship.  In addition, I want to answer any question you may have so if you have any questions about anything (grad school, Harrisonburg, JMU, etc.) just email me or post a comment and I will try to answer them all right here!


Three weeks from today I will be well on my way to Harrionburg, Virginia where I will begin my career as a graduate student.  I already have a full schedule and classes have yet to begin.  Here is how the month of August looks:

August 2 – Pack ABF U-Pack truck

August 3 – ABF U-Pack truck will be picked up from my house

August 7 – Trip to Des Moines, Iowa for Antiques Roadshow

August 10 – Leave Missouri for Virginia – Drive to Lebanon, Tennessee (537 Miles) and will stay in a Hampton Inn

August 11 – Leave Lebanon and drive to Lexington, Virginia (453 miles) – Generals Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson are buried in Lexington – The Hampton Inn we are staying in Lexington is a historic home (will post pics)

August 12 – Leave Lexington for Harrisonburg (61 miles) – My lease begins at noon and ABF U-Pack will deliver by noon for us to unpack

August 13 – Cable and Internet will be connected (do not expect updates on August 12th)

August 23 – Orientation for the Graduate School in the morning – A seminar for TA and GA students in the afternoon

August 27 – Orientation for the Department of History followed by a reception at a professor’s home in Harrisonburg


Despite my full schedule, I am looking forward to my experiences, travels and anything else I come across while living in Virginia.  I will update Twitter, Facebook and this blog while on the road and while I get settled.

I cannot stress enough the opportunity I have been given.  Not only will I be attending a prestigious University, I will be in great proximity to countless historic sites and will be in Virginia for the sesquicentennial of the Civil War.  I have ambitious goals for grad school, but I am confident I can achieve them!

Thank you for reading my first of many blogs to come and I will try to update everyone as much as possible.



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